Personnel problem?
Challenge accepted.

Let’s get to work.

Personnel problem?
Challenge accepted.

Let’s get to work.

We specialize in solving people problems.

Whether it’s rising turnover rates, major dips in productivity or the day-to-day struggles in between, nearly every problem your organization faces can be traced back to one thing: your people.

That’s where we come in. Across industries, our agile team at Mercury Performance Group
has transformed workforces by addressing a variety of complex personnel problems, paving the
way for businesses to reach goals, boost profitability and get ongoing results.

We’re more than consultants. We’re people who really get people.

Got a personnel problem?

We’ve seen it all. Try us.

What’s up with your workforce?

Feel like no one's
on the same page?

Let’s create a culture of clarity — not confusion — by stabilizing and optimizing your entire employee experience.

Employee efforts less
than effective?

Let’s boost them to be their best by bridging skill gaps and providing ongoing opportunities for growth at all levels.

Teammates seem
totally uninterested?

Let’s make sure your employees are motivated, engaged, in sync and satisfied — and they’ll pass on that positivity to your customers.

Trouble finding and
keeping top talent?

Let’s make your place the one to be by not only bringing the brightest on board, but also by helping you set your hires up for long-term success.

Can’t connect with
your customers?

Let’s hear them out, then tune into their needs so you can build real relationships with them — and they’ll pay it back with brand loyalty.

Legal struggles
getting real?

Let’s take the reigns on HR compliance by streamlining your operations, implementing best practices and ensuring optimum efficiency.

Don’t deal with it any longer.

Real people. Real problems. Unreal results.

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First Onsite

Your success story is next.

People are at the heart of everything we do.

We communicate in
people-friendly ways.

Corporate jargon just isn’t our jam. We talk like human beings, not consulting robots.

We work with people
in nearly every industry.

Our small, seasoned staff brings the know-how. Rest assured, you’re in capable hands.

We customize solutions
for your people.

Because there’s no cookie-cutter approach fit for addressing your team’s unique challenges.

We maximize the potential
of your people.

By bringing out the best in your employees, we help them do the most for your business.

Ready to get your personalized plan for success?

Meet the people pros.

Amy Redmond
Office Manager
Tearle Johnson
Senior Director of People Operations
Brandy Deichert
Director of Instructional Design
Tony Lawrence
Head of Business Development
Bryan Howard
Founder & CEO
Bryan Howard, Founder & CEO
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