Revamping Employee Training: A Case Study of Pet Paradise’s New Training Strategy

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People Problem

Pet Paradise is a top provider of veterinary care and pet resorts in the Southeast — but high turnover, particularly among new hires, was causing issues with sales, customer satisfaction and more.

Our Approach

At Mercury Performance Group, we help companies do better by helping their people be their best. After digging deep into the employee roles and employee training processes at Pet Paradise, we found major gaps in the onboarding process that, when fixed, would address many of the problems at hand.

Our Fix

We teamed up with leadership to create a multi-phase program that provided all employees with the tools for knowledge, growth and success — allowing new hires to better understand their roles and how to advance their careers, and existing staff to upskill. A robust, comprehensive onboarding curriculum for front-end staff was first rolled out at three locations for 90 days. After a little fine-tuning, we launched the final program across every Pet Paradise location in February 2024.

The Result

Retention improved — and so did operations, employee experiences and customer interactions. Pet Paradise is well on its way to achieving its goal of becoming the gold standard for training in the pet-care industry, proving just how powerful putting your people first can be.

When you improve training, you create opportunity for people in an organization, beyond just doing a job. Over half of our managers come from within, so if we can start them off strong, give them those skills early on and grow them in our organization, that’s a win-win for the company.

Claudia Amlie
Chief People Officer at Pet Paradise

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